School Testimonials

Impulse Theatre Company’s 2008 production of Away

Excellent! Faithful to the text, which is great for HSC students and the characters were portrayed well. The use of music from the era was a great experience for the students.

Katharine McDonald. Patrician Brothers. Fairfield. 03/06/2008.

Excellent, very impressive, engaging. Gave the students a real theatre performance. There was so much happening on stage with lighting, music and sets which kept the students interest.

Julianna Libro. Patrician Brothers. Fairfield. 02/06/2008.

Great to be able to take students to a reasonably priced theatre performance. Loved the music and simple settings. A very convincing performance that was enjoyed by all.

Chris Dryden. St Ursula’s College. Kingsgrove. 06/06/2008.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to view the performance in order to make visual sense of their HSC text and were complimentary about the play.

C. Gibbins. Colo High School. Richmond North. 29/05/2008.

Excellent for our purposes of preparing students for the HSC. The actors were engaging and convincing and their willingness to answer questions after the play was appreciated.

John Bowyer. Terrigal High School. 04/06/2008.

Excellent, good production, standard interpretation of the play, highlighted all the major themes.

Julian Rice. Casimir Catholic College. Marrickville. 16/05/2008.